stream of correspondence

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As the story opens, town postmaster Joseph Roulin orders his son Armand to deliver the artist's final letter to his brother, Theo -- only the most-recent in a constant stream of correspondence between the brothers that the postmaster facilitated.
The combination of Borgmann's books, Word Ways and a continuing stream of correspondence with Borgmann, helped to ignite and sustain my word-puzzling activities and my submitting material for Word Ways.
Steven Barber has caused a great deal of stress with the endless stream of correspondence, which piles up to about 6 inches, that I have received.
Customer Phil Rainer told us he was "disgusted with the way Tesco washed its hands" of him after an endless stream of correspondence.
Thus he began what would develop into a steady stream of correspondence, which became intense in 1947, the year of their engagement.