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Accordingly, TEI is very much interested in working with the IRS in streamlining corporate filing requirements.
Streamlining with legal breaststroke start: Two kicks to one pull and breathe (25-50 yards) two-hand touch and legal turn.
The streamlining initiative is based on a philosophy of a consumer-driven, outcome-based system of vocational rehabilitation.
Use the same progression with each stroke to help assure consistency and use the same starting techniques for each segment -- that is, streamlining with the flutter kick, getting air when needed for one length.
Streamlining has been among a myriad of methods introduced in an attempt to improve efficiencies in the public sector.
In 1993, the state agencies in Vermont and New Hampshire, each adopting a different approach, committed themselves to a streamlining process in order to increase productivity and to improve quality.
It became clear that, in order to fully implement the intent of the streamlining initiative, CSAVR, its member state agencies, and RSA needed to agree on some fundamental changes in policy and practice.

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