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Speaking on this development, Ms Tinuade Awe, Executive Director, Regulation at The Nigerian Stock Exchange said, 'I commend the SECfor working with using streamlining the listing process for securities on The Exchange.
The researchers also considered how participants contributed to the menu of funds, pre-reform, and what happened to their fund allocations; additionally, it looked at the costs and risks of the portfolios that resulted from the "firmwide DC plan streamlining effort."
It was perhaps Geddes's diverse, and apparently incompatible, interests that allowed him to present streamlining in so many guises.
Readers will enjoy the fascinating images in Eugenic Design, which include oddities such as the "Criterion" toilet designed to enforce the hygienically correct posture during evacuation ("the sloped seat angled backward, achieving the natural position every time," in a chapter that links concern for biological efficiency with streamlining (141).
As noted above, the streamlining process has been ongoing, with enough complexity and obscurity to confuse--and perhaps tire--all but the largest businesses and firms that regularly attend meetings and participate in conference calls and the like.
The Institute then turned to streamlining tax administration, and discussed the development of several audit techniques during the last few years developed by LMSB to achieve a reduction of audit cycle time and to improve audits and audit coverage.
Written ground rules and streamlining the approval chain and contracting process were extremely important.
In March, in an effort to reduce the regulatory barriers to private spaceflight, the House of Representatives passed the Commercial Space Launch Amendments Act of 2004, aimed at streamlining the process for entrepreneurs to get permission to launch travelers into space.
That means streamlining tool design, tool making, and molding.
Streamlining will help to reduce the administrative costs borne by both regulators and the regulated, while increasing the number of insurance products that can be sold to consumers.

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