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He is survived by his wife, Terry, son Drew Baldwin (creator of the Streamy Awards), daughters Amy Anderson and Eleonora Baldwin, five grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.
themselves for the dancecrawl across the streamy edges of mud.
I've seen Rachael Hip-Flores, our Streamy Award-winning lead, in several productions.
What matters overall is that the streamy sentience of the narrator is fixated; you will recognize Geoffrey Hartman's term for and reading of episodes of this kind.
Social media aggregators, such as Flock, FriendFeed and Streamy, provide a single point of reference whereby users can check all the sites from one place, as well as update posts on all the sites at one time.
lt;p>The first time you log in to Streamy, you won't see much of consequence--that's because you need to link your services with Streamy first.
On a streamy morning this summer, McCully encountered one of those "fires" that temporary delayed his departure to the company's headquarters on Ann Arbor's bustling South State Street.
Divided into ten sections from Chollerford in the North Tyne down to Wylam, conditions meant that to draw on streamy water was essential to win and DAC angler Graeme Jones certainly made the most of his peg north west of Corbridge.
And ye shall have your tame, O sons of streamy Morven
She described her rosebush as long and streamy with long vines and long thorns.
The fish that stunned specimen hunters three years ago, and went back in the streamy reaches of the upper Ouse, died of old age a year later.