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Once scanned, the Makani app will provide the user with key information on the location being searched which includes the province, building, street number and other relevant details.
The tragic incident occurred across the street number (204) at its intersection with the street number 223 in Mina and led to a stampede.
Mina, Dhu-AlHijjah 10, 1436, Sep 24, 2015, SPA -- The official spokesman of the Directorate of Civil Defense said that at 09:00 AM of today, Thursday, the 10th of Dhu-AlHijjah 1436 AH corresponding to September 24, 2015, while pilgrims were flocking to Jamarat site to throw the grand Jamarat Aqabah (pebbles), a sudden interference among pilgrims and increase in the numbers of pilgrims heading to the Jamarat facility across the street number (204) at its intersection with the street number (223) in Mina, have occurred leading to a stampede and crowd among pilgrims.
If farmers find it not worth the hassle to produce milk at a loss then many farms could become a street number with developers pushing the green belt further out - and then further still.
But just as "collateralised debt obligations" were meaningless to everyone but a handful of Wall Street number crunchers - until they helped cause the 2008 crash - so the SNP's reckless plans for full fiscal autonomy have the potential to damage people's lives and ruin Scotland's economy.
Shyamlal ( 58) is a resident of Rohini and runs a mobile accessories shop at street number 53 in Ragerpura area.
Onebox Search: SYNC 3 users will no longer be required to enter location details into multiple fields, such as street number, street name, city and state.
In a major blaze that broke out in Doha for the second consecutive Friday, the warehouse of a leading soft drink brand was burned down on Street Number 2 of the Industrial Area yesterday evening.
The council says any application to omit a street number - such as the number 13 due to "superstition or personal preference" - will be refused.
Windows are now boarded up at the house that will be used for interior shots next to 441 [441 is the street number of the beautiful home].
Both graduates of the University of Toronto's Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design, the name of their firm comes from their street number when they lived in Toronto.
Street number 77 in the greater Beirut area of Sioufi will be renamed after the poet and writer Said Akl, the council said in a statement issued Friday.