street vendor

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He locked and unlocked his hands over the grate and spread his fingers close to the bluish flame, while the coals crackled and the clock ticked and a street vendor began to call under the window.
Anyone can set up bazrs and open-air grocery markets, or work as a street vendor without the necessary permits and without health or any other controls," said the supermarkets association's executive secretary, Andreas Hadjiadamou.
A study of street vendors and public space in Ahmedabad found that local leaders collect "protection" money each day, week or month from street vendors in their market areas which they hand over to the police after taking their cuts: the amount paid differs by whether the street vendor sells from the pavement or from a push cart (Brown et al, 2012).
Their 'kadak' tea may be tasty but those who are buying it do not realize the health risk," said Mohammed, who also sent the picture of a street vendor in the area.
However, books that deal with sex and other adult themes are the best sellers, according to Ahmed Al-Haddad, a street vendor in Tahrir.
Topics include government-vendor relations in the Ghanaian city of Kumasi; long-term interconnections between street vendors and formal market traders in Lusaka, Zambia; spatial practices and the legality/illegality of street vending in Baguio City, the Philippines; street vendor political subjectivities in Antigua, Guatemala; conflicts between tourism and the street economy in Cusco, Peru; street vendor spatial and power negotiation strategies for subverting the ban on vending in Hanoi, Vietnam; racism and racialized discourse in the street economy of Dakar, Senegal; and the negative impact of the World Cup 2010 for people working in the street economies of Port Elizabeth and Durban, South Africa.
The neighborhood people took their complaints of not having enough room for children to play and families to picnic to Councilman Eric Garcetti's office, and he's working on a concerted approach to the street vendor problem involving the police and the Department of Recreation and Parks and the Bureau of Street Services.
The Worcester Street Vendor Alliance cites higher permit fees, and being forced to close at midnight unless special permission has been granted, as also being unduly harsh.
The iconic sounds of a street vendor shouting Ronnie Gill will soon be heard around the world.
Joselito Curo, a 33-year-old street vendor who sells sportswear, says although things are better out of the rain and bad weather, sales have declined by half.
95) receives veteran David Colacci's smooth and vivid theatrical abilities as it tells of an African street vendor killed just before Christmas.
I would rather pay my 20 pesos to the government than to Barrios," said a street vendor who called himself Delhi the Wizard.