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n. a roadway in an urban area, owned and maintained by the municipality for public use. A private road cannot be a street.

See: avenue, causeway

STREET. A road in a village or city. In common parlance the word street is equivalent to highway. 4 Serg. & Rawle, 108.
     2. A permission to the public for the space of eight, or even of six years, to use a street without bar or impediment, is evidence from which a dedication to the public maybe inferred. 11 East, R. 376; See 2 N. Hamp. 513; 4 B. & A. 447; 3 East, R. 294; 1 Law Intell. 134; 2 Smith's Lead. Cas. 94, n.; 2 Pick. R. 162; 2 Verm. R. 480; 5 Taunt. R. 125; S. C. 1 E. C. L. R. 34; 4 Camp. R. 169; 1 Camp. R. 260: 7 B. & C. 257; S. C. 14 E. C. L. R. 39; 5 B & Ald. 454; S. C. 7 E. C. L. R. 159; 1 Blackf. 44; 2 Wend. 472; 8 Wend. 85; 11 Wend. 486; 6 Pet. 431; 1 Paige, 510; and the article Dedication.

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The Downtown Kansas City, Missouri Streetcar project is a two-mile route running primarily along Main Street connecting Kansas City's River Market area to Crown Center and Union Station.
And since streetcars run with traffic rather than on separated lines, the systems can cost as little as $50 million, a fraction of the expense of light rail.
The streetcar system was the fastest and most comfortable way to get around in Eugene during the World War I era, but then rubber-tired buses took over public transportation duties.
Unique to the UK Peel says the streetcars are similar to trams but lighter, cheaper and more flexible.
Streetcar booster Gloria Ohland has often written that streetcars should be considered "economic development projects with transportation benefits.
The allusion to A Doll House suggests that readers who have asserted feminist interpretations of Streetcar are pursuing a line of inquiry appropriate to Williams' original artistic intentions; both texts focus on the crippling social restrictions placed on women's roles within modern patriarchal cultures.
He really put a lot of emphasis and resources on the streetcar initiative.
streetcar project to be a boondoggle, anyone who has spent time driving in the district, especially during its exceedingly long rush hours, would honestly be happy to take as many people off the road as possible.
Especially effective are the interviews with former streetcar operators, with people who fought against the freeways, and with those struggling with the current poor conditions of public transportation in many cities.
Thanks to the Pullman Company, the night boats, our cities' excellent streetcar systems, and the fast, electric interurbans that connected cities with towns and the countryside, earlier generations weren't merely transported like so many barrels of flour.
Wimbledon-based Streetcar has been bought by America's Zipcar, to create a group with combined membership of more than 400,000 in the US, Canada and Europe.
He starred in classic films including A Streetcar Named Desire, On the Waterfront and One-Eyed Jacks with Marlon Brando.