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That strengthens my position very much, does it not?
The objective is to support the program to strengthen the financial sector through reforms aimed at: a) developing a strategy for management of systematic risks; b) strengthening the legal and regulatory framework; c) introducing legislation to prevent money laundering and terrorism financing; d) strengthening supervision and control of systematic risks, and e) strengthening the payment systems.
Buck" McKeon, who entered politics as a local school board member, will host a round-table discussion Wednesday on efforts to strengthen the No Child Left Behind act.
With the apparent weakening of today's families, many are calling for society to take steps to help protect and strengthen the family unit.
Through joint activities we can better strengthen our communities, strengthen our public schools and strengthen our organizations," says NEA President Reg Weaver.
When people bemoan the loss of the ability to run as they did in, say, college due to knee pain, they often simply need to strengthen their quadriceps muscles (see the strengthening exercises discussed below).
Li that acceptance rather than condemnation of those who are different might strengthen our Christian witness rather than weaken it and that in the eyes of God we would all be "winners.
Some of the best ways to strengthen the UN, say its authors, are through implementation of the Kyoto Protocol on climate change and other fraudulent UN proposals to shackle the planet with socialist controls, in the name of protecting the environment.
Collaborative action research is an effective tool for helping school counselors to strengthen the link between practice and research.
This will strengthen your abdominals as well as your upper arms.
In addition, Honda will further strengthen its activities to promote traffic safety with its dealers and through other opportunities.

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