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One avenue that many families have chosen to improve their family functioning and strengthen their family relationships is family camps.
The following exercises will help you strengthen the muscles in the affected area, taking pressure off the kneecap:
I pray that he might begin to see them as individuals, with a sexual orientation different from his, who are seeking to strengthen their spirituality and worship God within the Anglican Church of Canada.
Collaborative action research is an effective tool for helping school counselors to strengthen the link between practice and research.
This will strengthen your abdominals as well as your upper arms.
In addition, Honda will further strengthen its activities to promote traffic safety with its dealers and through other opportunities.
We need legal modifications to strengthen the CFC and its competitive policy, as well as that Mexico's competitive policy become, by law, a national priority that applies to everyone.
We are also engaged in a range of programs to build capacity in the judicial sector, strengthen civil society, and help with effective decentralized governance, including education, health, and water services.
To strengthen housing services and improve the facilities through the addition of a functional reception room.
TIE: Haven't efforts to improve prudential policies and to strengthen prudential standards made a difference?
We found that polyvinylamine does indeed strengthen wet and dry newsprint.

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