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Second, all muscle actuators corresponding to principal muscle abductors gluteus medius and minimus (6 actuators) were strengthened by doubling their respective maximum isometric force.
The capacity of institutions and management and control bodies of public finances are strengthened
The aim of these tests was to investigate efficiency of reinforced walls and walls strengthened with glass fiber materials regarding enhancement of compressive resistance when compared to URM walls.
Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton, portrayed by the left during his confirmation hearings as a typical Bush-appointed rabid United Nations-hater, has campaigned for a strengthened United Nations.
Now, that said, if fiscal positions were to remain in large deficit as economies strengthened, they could place upward pressure on real interest rates and exert a negative impact on investment, spending on consumer durables, and economic activity.
The banks involved are closely studying their recent experience and identifying ways in which risk management systems can be strengthened further.
The information reviewed at this meeting suggested that domestic final demand, especially in the consumer sector, had strengthened somewhat in recent months.
On the positive side, consumer confidence had rebounded sharply since the cease-fire in the Persian Gulf, retail sales and housing starts had strengthened recently, and exports had continued to expand.