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How does local strengthening of single gluteus medius influence activity in other abductor muscles?
2010) stated that compared with concentric strengthening, eccentric strengthening is more efficient in producing contraction as well as achieving a higher conduction speed in muscle fibers.
For strengthening of URM walls were used GFRP straps Mapewrap G UNI-AX 900/60 of manufacturer MAPEI (Italy).
If more family camps were to intentionally teach principles to families, or base their programming on fundamental family leisure principles, they may be much more effective in actually strengthening family relationships and improving family functioning.
Often stretching and strengthening are sufficient to alleviate this condition.
The author conceptualized the forum as a way to strengthen the link between theory and practice and to initiate and sustain dialogue among local school counseling practitioners and counselor educators concerning strengthening the practice of school counseling within the county through the use of action research.
Unrestricted IMET training would be especially valuable in strengthening the professionalism of Indonesian military officers with respect to transparency, human rights, and public accountability.
If you use your abs to press your waist to the floor, you will also be strengthening your abdomen.
The Spartan program combines strengthening, balance, and dynamic sport-performance movements.
Knight: I think we are seeing signs of a strengthening and broadening out of the recovery in the world economy.
That is the question facing the 400-odd delegates of General Synod--and the rest of the church--next year in the form of a six-year plan called Strengthening the Church, Serving God's World.
Sony believes that by strengthening cooperation with Samsung and accelerating the incorporation of Memory Stick slots into Samsung's wide range of product categories, Memory Stick's "Connected World" will grow to offer customers a wider range of cutting-edge products.

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