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It is that which will strengthen, even in this step you are about to take, the connexion between yourself and Albion.
Micawber will strengthen, and not weaken, his connexion with Britain?
Strengthens hair and provides a barrier against damage.
If done correctly, this pose energizes and stabilizes the inner thighs and strengthens the gluteus medius muscles.
This exercise also strengthens the abdominal oblique muscles.
Knight: We are likely to see that as economic activity strengthens around the globe, long-term interest rates gradually rise.
Acquisition Strengthens Bio-Imaging's Therapeutic Expertise and Image Analysis Software Tools for CNS and Neurovascular Disorders
It appears that people with high levels of back fitness have less back pain than those with less back fitness because exercise strengthens muscles.
Michiel Jaski, member of the Executive Board of ARCADIS, comments on this acquisition: "With BFB, our PRC subsidiary takes a leading role in the areas of cost management, project management and real estate management, and strengthens its geographical presence.
The press strengthens the right muscles, but not in the way they function in running.
Serving more than 27,000 physicians nationwide, MPV gives clients better control of their payor contracts, improves workflow efficiency and strengthens the bottom line.

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