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* During strenuous or prolonged bouts of running stabilize your blood sugar level by consuming carbohydrates during exercise, such as a sports a drink or energy gel or bar, plus water.
The letter also included GFBTU respect for the government's strenuous efforts to protect the workers' rights.
The presence of this condition in fossil horses that freely roamed North America millions of years ago shows that modern breeding practices and strenuous work can't be the only factors responsible for it.
Abnormal fibrillin leads to a weak-walled aorta, which can blow out under the increased stress that labor -- or any strenuous activity -- puts on this blood vessel.
Competitive atheletes continually push to better their records, but such strenuous pursuits exact a price.
Less striking forms of Marfan's may go undiagnosed until the major blood vessel leading from the victim's heart bursts during strenuous physical activity, causing sudden death.
Aware that rats show appetite suppression for a short time after strenuous exercise, Harry R.
Ryan Swanson; THE STRENUOUS LIFE; Diversion Books (Nonfiction: History) 26.99 ISBN: 9781635766127
The news outlet added that signing Hamoudan was a long, strenuous race, especially because several Moroccan clubs wanted to secure a contract with him.
Busia's new enforcement officers are ready for deployment after a strenuous four-day orientation at county stadium that ended on Friday.
The participants expressed thanks to His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa, hailing strenuous royal efforts to serve Islamic and humanitarian issues, promote the values of tolerance and foster knowledge and science through universities, institutes, Quranic centres and think tanks and support them materially.
He said due to the strenuous efforts of Frontier Works Organisation five modern bridges on Skardu road have been completed in one year record period.