strenuous effort

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Levin, looking at the tiny, pitiful creature, made strenuous efforts to discover in his heart some traces of fatherly feeling for it.
'Not lately,' I replied, in a careless tone, but sternly repelling her odious glances with my eyes; for I was vexed to feel the colour mounting to my forehead, despite my strenuous efforts to appear unmoved.
He wrote impressing upon Upjohn his great need and urging him to make more strenuous efforts. Now that he was going to die he wanted to leave behind him a published book, and at the back of his mind was the feeling that he had produced great poetry.
Because of its strenuous efforts to dispose of the surplus in the world market, the Plutocracy clashed with Germany.
But either the children were so incorrigible, the parents so unreasonable, or myself so mistaken in my views, or so unable to carry them out, that my best intentions and most strenuous efforts seemed productive of no better result than sport to the children, dissatisfaction to their parents, and torment to myself.
On April, 5, 2019 I became successful after a strenuous effort to talk to the project director of Fazaia Housing Scheme, Karachi, Air Commodore Ijaz Hussain.
I hope there is a strenuous effort to keep this land in public ownership.
2nd CORINTHIANS 9: 7-15 The well-spring of charity towards men is thankful devotion towards God; Liberality is not a strenuous effort - it is the overflow of a grateful heart.
As Judge Jones notes, such an observer is admittedly "hypothetical," but this is merely another way of saying that it is an ideal worthy of our most strenuous effort.
Sumner's sophisticated, rigorous, and theologically challenging work comprises a strenuous effort to move Christian discourse in inter-religious dialogue past what he calls "the quagmire of pluralism"--that is, the impasse created by competing truth claims among the various faiths in dialogue, which appear to require ceding the primacy of Christ in order to participate.
Sudden strenuous effort, too much sodium in the diet and sudden emotional upset can precipitate symptoms of heart failure.
But Griffin's lack of recent appearances won't deter Hegarty from launching a strenuous effort to have the 25-year-old prolong his stay at the club after his contract runs out in the summer.