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Lin's birds rush upon some embassy of desperate purpose, attempting to negotiate the moment of crisis; Lin's women have abandoned--or represent the abandonment--of whatever urgent, futile hope this strenuousness implies.
The strenuousness of Sacks' argument and his propensity to create a straw man for his argument give this work the feel of a dissertation rather than a mature work.
One previews here Peguy's excitement over the strenuousness of soldiering, the bivouac, the grotesquely stoic "To die in a ditch is nothing; truly, I felt that it is nothing.
Other activities were assigned met values according to their strenuousness.
2004) suggest that the increase in the number of restaurants per capita explains roughly two thirds of the increase in obesity; alternatively, Lakdawalla and Philipson (2002) suggest that the declining strenuousness of work explains about that amount (about 60%) of the increase in obesity.
Focusing on the function of movement in its many forms, Cook brings many values and measurements to the table, such as the strenuousness of some movement, systems to measure this, applying corrective therapy when problems emerge, and why movement is more complex than a simple mechanical process.
One problem here, of course, and despite the strenuousness with which Malabou pursues her idee fixe of the plastic, is that, for Hegel, philosophy explicitly--and, not coincidentally, in and as Hegel himself--first, 'seizes its own concept', thereby completing the journey of spirit as it completes itself, and, second, does this precisely by 'looking back' (Zurucksehen), thus becoming the ultimate hypotyposis of absolute spirit in this epochal recapitulation and consummation.
A variety of economic causes have been explored including reductions in job strenuousness (Philipson 2001: Lakdawalla and Philipson 2002), technological innovation in food processing and preparation (Cutler, Glaeser, and Shapiro 2003), the growing availability of restaurants (Chou, Grossman, and Saffer 2004; Rashad, Grossman, and Chou 2006), urban sprawl (Ewing et al.
There you find people who've had a transplant exercising at a level very close to the strenuousness undertaken by professional athletes.
Furthermore, some attached the intensity and strenuousness of their workload, particularly farming, with causing debilitating pain and illness that threatened their ability to work, survive, and advance the well-being of their children.