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3 April 2017 - US-based healthcare information technology company Zelis Healthcare has acquired US-based healthcare provider network analytics specialist Strenuus, the company said.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 3, 2017-Zelis Healthcare Acquires Healthcare Provider Network Analytics Specialist Strenuus
23) While the act is often interpreted as another sign of the playwright's passion for horses, Emilio Menegazzo--noting that the title strenuus (soldier) prefixed to Beolco's name in the document was applied solely to soldiers, that Beolco was absent from documents for the succeeding two years, and that his account of war in his texts seemed to reflect actual experience--advanced the plausible hypothesis that he had joined the Venetian forces (Menegazzo, "Stato" 330 n.
88) In suffectu opresorum deuotus, in releuatione miserorum promptissimus, in interueniendo discretus, in negotiis dirimendis strenuus, in prouidencia iudicii equus, in sentencia parcus, in uindicatione iusticie singularis, in disceptatione laudabilis, in oratione iugis, in diuinis laudibus mirabilis.
1337), llamado el doctor strenuus et invincibilis, formado en Paris y profesor de logica y filosofia natural (49), y Guillermo Rubio, Ministro de la provincia de Aragon en 1333, autor de otro Comentario a los IV libros de las Sentencias (50), contribuyeron a la difusion de la teologia escotista en la peninsula.
In addition, at this time we never found dead or injured Floridobolus in the approximately 100 traps containing large carnivorous carabid beetles, Pasimachus strenuus LeConte, or in about 30 traps containing very large lycosid spiders, Hogna osceola (Gertsch and Wallace).
nihonkaiense is the freshwater zooplanktonic copepod Cyclops strenuus (15), whether freshwater is the place of transmission of the parasite from the copepod to salmon remains controversial.
Ricker 96 Crustacea Daphnia magna (Straus, 1820) 48 Crustacea Acartia tonsa Dana 1849 96 Crustacea Cyclops strenuus (Fischer 1851).
George Clark, in "The Hero of Maldon: Vir Pius et Strenuus," Speculum 54 (1979): 257-82, observes that the enumerated usages of "ofermod in Anglo-Saxon appear almost exclusively in religious and theological texts where qualities the word praises frequently find themselves dispraised" (277).
76) G1:322 (Greek slightly amended): an interpreter must "trace the metamorphoses which in Greek the words aner, anthropos, agathos, kalos, philokalos, kalok'agathos, kakos, epicheiretes, and in Latin vir, homo, bonus and melior and optimus, honestus, pulcher and liberalis, strenuus and such national words have undergone, which were the honor of their age, and changed with it.
Nec silentio pretereundus est strenuus in armis vir ille er illustrissimi dominii veneti felicis exercirus olim gloriosus imperator, Gattamelata, qui in hello etiam nostro in tempore tantum florvit, ur etiam victor fortunatus evaserir.