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The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Centre study found that female runners who have a body mass index (BMI) of less than 19 are at a higher risk of developing stress fractures than women with a BMI of 19 or higher.
Stress fractures typically occur, when cyclic loading to the healthy bone exceeds the normal carrying range capacity.
Since previous studies have demonstrated a relationship between poor vitamin D levels and stress fractures in active patients, (10) it may be valuable to monitor and ensure adequate vitamin D levels in avid dancers suspected of or proven to have a stress fracture.
Based on the fact that his symptoms had disappeared and on the radiological findings, we considered his sacral stress fracture as united.
The exact mechanism for this apparent gender discrepancy remains unclear but maybe related to males reaching skeletal maturity at a later age than females, as adolescence appears to be a risk factor for suffering a scaphoid stress fracture.
The purpose of this study is to determine if, in the presence of femoral neck stress fracture, there is a correlation between femoral neck shaft angle, surgical treatment, and outcomes.
By assessing the average serum vitamin D concentrations of people with stress fractures and comparing these with the current guidelines, we wanted to encourage a discussion regarding whether a higher concentration of serum vitamin D should be recommended for active individuals," explained lead investigator Jason R.
While most clinicians believe stress fractures result from a defect in the inherent strength of the bone itself, a common yet frequently overlooked cause of stress fracture is the inability of the muscular stabilizing system to lessen bony vibration and prevent bending in an otherwise healthy bone.
Conclusion: It can be concluded that to reduce the morbidity in trainees, the proper care of type of shoes can reduce the incidence of stress fracture.
e stress fractures I have had to endure the last two seasons have taken their toll on my body and I do not believe I can perform to the level I have in the past.
A late stress fracture of a fibular strut allograft following anterior cervical fusion is an unusual event with only a few reported cases.