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11) However, a more precise understanding of the biological mechanisms that determine an individual's stress response is needed by researchers promoting resilience and a reduction in the disease-causing impacts of stress.
As the renowned Harvard physiologist Walter Cannon first observed, a fight-or-flight stress response starts when your sympathetic nervous system kicks in.
These mechanisms are known collectively as the stress response system (Heim et al.
The team suggests that the stress response diminishes over time, and that the solution is to allow the rats to acclimate to the researcher before testing.
Behavioural traits are considered to be the first traits affected by domestication (Price, 1999) and are often the precursor to alter the physiological stress response in many fish species (Davis, 2006; Woodward and Strange, 1987).
The ER stress response mechanisms oppose both the stress of immune assault in type 1 diabetes and die metabolic stress of high blood glucose in both types of diabetes.
The primary stress response is related to neuroendocrine activation, which increases the concentrations of catecholamines and corticosteroids in the blood.
A discrete GABAergic relay mediates medial prefrontal cortical inhibition of the neuroendocrine stress response.
The haemodynamic stress response (HSR) to tracheal intubation can precipitate cardiovasc-ular events in patients.
Emotions consist of behavioural, endocrine and autonomic responses which are generally maintained in balance by the stress response system.
The stress responses of non-immune cells are described sometimes as an intrinsic stress response, while the stress responses of the immune system are called extrinsic stress response [13].
Sex differences in the risk of developing co-occurring depression and cardiovascular disease in adulthood may result from disruptions during the development of the stress response circuitry in the fetal brain, according to findings from a longitudinal cohort study.