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Let us mention that since at the edge of the panel the stress component, perpendicular to the edge, is zero, the stresses at the edge can be correctly determined from the photoelastic image using extrapolation.
Lubricated plied samples were also evaluated and showed slightly higher stresses than the solid lubricated samples, but not as high as the un-lubricated samples, as shown in figure 4.
and his colleagues made thin bronze cantilevers, electroplated them with tin or tin alloys, and then monitored flexing of the strips in response to compressive or tensile stresses in the films' microstructures.
In addition, researchers have identified four occupational demands that can trigger alcohol use by law enforcement officers, namely depersonalization (reacting unemotionally to the everyday stresses of the job), authoritarianism (officers' behavior governed by a set of regulations, making them feel as if they are not in control), organizational protection (the structure in place to protect law enforcement agencies from criticism), and danger preparation (the stress related to officers knowing that their lives potentially are in constant danger).
Persons with disabilities, in addition to being made aware of the work environment and its stresses, should also be encouraged to explore their ability to deal with both physical and psychological stress to insure that they will be ready for the challenges posed to them by work.
The apparatus can resolve surface stresses on the order of 0.
Runners should train below the level at which stresses cause injury, but not so low as to affect no improvement upon or even weaken joint, muscle and bone structures--an obvious example would be prolonged bed rest.
16] The later Meyerson formula, in emphasizing new stresses, further, neatly placed the dilemma as a contemporary one, helping to explain the need for a novel term.
Even though students reported particular stresses during their seminar and through their thesis writing and defense, all felt that the challenge of obtaining the degree, which stress was considered to be a part of, was within expected and tolerable limits.
There is strong evidence that the coping capacities of persons with RA are severely challenged by the major life stresses associated with their disease," he said.
Oxidative stress (cell damage caused by free radicals) occurs as a person ages, when subjected to environmental stresses or as an associated factor in certain illnesses.
When the cracks progress far enough into the steel, the stresses of molding are enough to continue the propagation or "movement" of the crack to the outer areas of the mold.