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Eighteen primary stresses were placed correctly by the subjects on third syllable out of 64 productions.
It is shown that a simple linear relationship exists between the edge and thickness stresses.
Even accounting for the chemical reaction-caused stresses, those initiated by the electroplating still played a large role in whisker formation, the scientists report in the November 2005 Acta Materialia.
a unique comprehension of the trauma and stresses inherent in police work;
The primary causal elements include the metallurgy of stainless steel, the presence of chlorine in the water used in the cooling lines of the mold, and the stresses on the tool during molding.
Radial stresses, or contact pressures, are shown on figures 5 and 6 for selected time increments under LMC.
The authors concluded that leisure physical activity is a reliable buffer to stress by providing "time out" from the pressures and stresses of life.
People who feel unable to deal with life's stresses display an exaggerated immune reaction that may intensify their sneezing, coughing, and other physical symptoms once they've contracted a common virus, a new study suggests.
First, there are normative transitions, such as those stresses associated with the Launching stage of the family life cycle.
At the same time, counselors sometimes do not understand police work, nor can they easily grasp the daily stresses faced by officers.
The casting's optimal shape (taking advantage of part consolidation when possible) with the thinnest walls and necessary mechanical properties to meet expected loads and stresses must be designed in the early stages of production.