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They turned and twisted, now crossing the river, now coming back again, sometimes making half a dozen attempts before they found a way over a particularly bad stretch.
And there was one bad stretch where in two days they covered nine miles, being compelled to turn their backs three times on the river and to portage sled and outfit over the mountains.
And in this stretch of ocean, lookouts were mastheaded at day-dawn and kept mastheaded until twilight of evening, when the Mary Turner was hove-to, to hold her position through the night.
No," said Barbicane, "let us stretch ourselves on our sides; we shall resist the shock better that way.
There the three travelers were to stretch themselves some moments before their departure.
After the eyes, Geppetto made the nose, which began to stretch as soon as finished.
It is time and more than time; many a good stretch of road is still awaiting you--
They glided off along that winding stretch of road.
They turned sharply to the right, along another stretch of straight road set with white posts, ending before a red brick lodge and a closed gate.
In this great stretch of country there is no sign of life, nor of anything appertaining to life.
Far away on each hand stretch the rich pastures, and the patches of dark earth made ready for the seed of broad-leaved green crops, or touched already with the tint of the tender-bladed autumn-sown corn.
See how they stretch their shoulders up the slope toward the bridge, with all the more energy because they are so near home.