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In future work, the influence of the trimming condition on the shear edge stretchability is to be investigated.
The key characteristic of knit fabric is stretchability.
According to the paper, the nanomesh, a network of fully interconnected gold nanowires, has good electrical conductivity and transparency, and has "ultrahigh stretchability.
The physical characteristics of Mozzarella cheese consists of elasticity, stretchability, meltability; browning and free oil formation in melt form and shreddability in the solid (Kindstedt, 1991,1993; McMahon et al.
The scientists found that as the concentration of glycerol in the film increased, the film's strength and moisture barrier properties decreased, while the film's stretchability increased.
On day 90, in group A, the reconstructed site of bladder wall appeared relatively thicker and flat in cystogram suggested that newly formed granulation tissue was not organized with relatively less stretchability.
While comparing between normal skin and healed skin after therapy it might be deliberated that, though normal skin shows higher value for breaking strength, the healed tissue was advancing towards proper stretchability and gaining the normal tensile strength later due to tough and variable thickness of skin in bovines.
Case 4--1 asked the plastics department to see if they could come up with a unique set of parameters, such as stretchability, which is elasticity, strength, which is how much pressure it will hold, at the same time it will work properly .
Yet, there are some cases when PP products do not satisfy the demands due to a lack of stretchability.
Whether with or without subsequent thermal fixing process, the stretchability and elastic recovery of the material is retained, even following several household wash cycles and wear.
Fusing reduces stretchability and adds stiffness to the leather making it convenient for the stitcher to stitch.