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Rogers' growing portfolio of stretchable electronics that are precise enough for use in advanced medical care and portable enough to be worn outside the hospital, even during extreme exercise.
It is the first stretchable display to achieve superior durability and stability in air, such that not a single pixel failed in the matrix-type display while attached snugly onto the skin and continuously subjected to the stretching and contracting motion of the body.
Previous efforts to develop thin, stretchable batteries have faced issues with limited energy storage capacity, and therefore required frequent recharging.
full) open-access paper titled "Rubbery electronics and sensors from intrinsically stretchable elastomeric composites of semiconductors and conductors," the researchers wrote: "Rubbery sensors, which include strain, pressure, and temperature sensors, show reliable sensing capabilities and are exploited as smart skins that enable gesture translation for sign language alphabet and haptic sensing for robotics to illustrate one of the applications of the sensors.
The Samsung Display Stretchable OLED panel (yeah, that is as close to an official name that we have for now) can be flexed to a depth of 12mm when pressed, in both directions.
Caption: Design and performance of a two plane metasurface hologram on a stretchable substrate, la-b) Computer reconstructions of computer generated hologram image planes (c) Schematic of two-plane hologram and mechanism for hologram image switching by stretching, (d-e) Experimentally measured hologram images at an image plane 200 pm from the metasurface for a devices that is (d) not stretched and (e) stretched 124%.
The stretchable electronics market is still in its nascent stage as very few products have been commercialized such as CHECKLIGHT by Reebok, while many products are expected to get commercialized by 2018 and 2019.
Other researchers have developed stretchable sensors, using liquid metal, for example," Zhu says.
The process of building these stretchable systems starts with commercially available silicon components.
The Sickbird is what we are known for," Pete says, describing laminated three-layer fabric that's waterproof, stretchable and breathable.
The design reflects the landscapes of Sharjah and has concealed lighting elements shining through stretchable fabric surfaces enhancing the spatial sensation of continuous enclosure.