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In the new study, the researchers applied their techniques to demonstrate several uses for the hydrogel, including encapsulating a titanium wire to form a transparent, stretchable conductor.
We provide forecasts for allied sectors such as printed and flexible electronics which interrelate to stretchable electronics.
While this technique worked on a circuit, the scientists had no such luck applying it to a stretchable battery -- simply, there just isn't enough space between components in a battery to allow for "pop-up" technology to really work.
Or, active parts are placed on a rigid PCB, and the stretchable substrate acts as the interconnection between multiple rigid boards.
Knowing that the fibrin strands that make up a human blood clot are more stretchable than a spider's web helps us to understand how clots can seal wounds tightly and withstand the pressure in our blood vessels.
A new roller for laminating, embossing, winding, slitting and coating, uses stretchable elastic cords on the roll face to remove web wrinkles.
The Cover Lab is both a product and an exclusive service provided by Thimon and dedicated to stretchable hooding.
Attends Bariatric Briefs[TM] have breathable, stretchable panels that provide a comfortable, tailored fit up to 90".
You can also use non-VCI greaseproof stretchable wrap, NSN 8135-00-753-4661, and add CORTEX Cor-Pak I-MUL VCI packets, NSN 6850-01-470-2737, at one per cubic foot inside the wrap.
The upgraded nappies feature a flexible fit waistband and stretchable outer cover.
Fast Retailing will make the clothes highly adsorbent and stretchable and will pack them in plastic bags, the officials said.
The back of the hand, made of stretchable nylon, includes a novel patch of absorbent terry on the thumb to help you wipe a sweating brow.