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We are pleased to provide an outstanding stretcher solution suitable for all Dornier 228 aircraft.
Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team detailed how the woman was put onto a stretcher and carried for 1.
This year the squad of 44 is taking it in turns to carry former Royal Marine Dominic Robert Lovett, who was injured during a military training exercise and is now tetraplegic, on a stretcher.
Indian authorities are launching a probe after a video had gone viral showing a woman purportedly pulling her ailing husband up on a hospital ramp after apparently being denied a stretcher or wheelchair.
She was then loaded on to a stretcher and airlifted to hospital by the Rescue 936 helicopter.
He was a very big man, weighing over fourteen stone, and was too heavy for two men to carry him any distance on the stretcher.
They couldn't put her on a stretcher and the only option was to take her out through the window.
Var of injured, which on the stretcher, while being gotten on the ambulance
The lad needed to be hauled to safety on a special stretcher before being taken to University Hospital in Coventry with a serious knee injury.
The new Rescue Bridle allows rescue personnel to safely and efficiently rig a rescue stretcher with a rated lifting bridle that allows both a vertical and horizontal lifting capacity.
Team leader Andy Jackson, 44, said: "When we eventually moved him, we put him into a casualty bag and on to the stretcher, the grass had actually started to die where he had been sitting.
Helmsman Kris Wilkinson manoeuvred the vessel close to the rocks, which allowed fellow crewmen Ross Dunn, Curtis Dunn and Marc Pattinson to stretcher the man away from danger.