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He said that strict implementation of ban on kite flying should be ensured and action be taken against violators without any discrimination.
Energy exertion and physical activity levels were approximately 20% lower during the first 5 days post concussion in both groups, but those assigned to strict rest had lower school and after-school activity attendance and mental activity during the 2-5 days after their injuries.
While Kim Kardashian may think she is a strict mom, critics are claiming that Kim is an unfit parent because she and Kanye presented Baby Nori diamond earrings and got the baby's ears pierced on her first birthday, Mail Online reports.
Comment: This study found no benefit of extended strict rest.
One fan responded that if parents are too strict with their kids, they'll end up doing wrong behind their backs; and that being lenient at times is a good things as kids will have the chance to express themselves that way.
Being drunk in public can land them in serious trouble with the country's strict Muslim laws.
This mirrors the definition of a composition tableau given in [7] and presented above, interchanging the roles of weak and strict.
About 40 percent of members of strict religious groups reported they were in excellent health, according to the study.
The strict rate control strategy--which is not evidence based--assumes that a lower heart rate target will result in fewer symptoms and cardiovascular events.
He is careful not to come down harshly on any side and acknowledges that strict construction became the most widely accepted position.
4 : carefully observing something (as a rule or principle) <a strict vegetarian>
STRICT, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, provides financial consulting services through its subsidiary STRICT Corporate Finance AB and carries out investments through the subsidiary STRICT Equity.