strict control

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Mindful, however, of her own errors and misfortunes, she early sought to impose a tender but strict control over the infant immortality that was committed to her charge.
But Newman hinted that from what had fallen from the confidante, he had been led to suspect that the young lady led a very miserable and unhappy life, under the strict control of her only parent, who was of a violent and brutal temper; a circumstance which he thought might in some degree account, both for her having sought the protection and friendship of the brothers, and her suffering herself to be prevailed upon to grant the promised interview.
Due to strict control over these notified Checkposts, it is not possible for any illegal immigrant to enter through these notified Checkposts, he added.
The leadership of the Republican Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology was instructed to take under strict control the observance of sanitary and hygienic rules in hotels, dedicated to delegations and catering places.
'We would like to ask the candidates themselves to exercise strict control over their supporters, so that their supporters are not too rowdy,' Jimenez told reporters in an interview.
Prime Minister Borissov said that such strict control to be introduced in other sectors of the economy.
said in remarks quoted by Agence France-Presse that strict control measures had been imposed on the borders of the region and in all Christmas markets.
In terms of reducing drug supply, the secretary said that they were working on dismantling drug trafficking networks, containing the smuggling, trafficking and distribution of narcotics in the country, strict control on movements of precursor chemicals, and complete eradication of poppy cultivation.
'I disagree, as the CCTV footages is my responsibility and was under strict control. The leak was only made known to me after I read about it in the news,' he said.
Aman Anand, Lieutenant General Bhatt in a telephonic conversation asked his Pakistani counterpart Major General Sahir Shamshad Mirza to exercise "strict control" over Pakistani troops and to instruct them to not indulge in any "nefarious activities."
The Commission activated procedures against the Cyprus government because the betting monopoly enjoyed by the company should have been under strict control by the state.
It isn't very hard to guess how Government manages to stay outside the Court and avoids justice, given their strict control put on the judiciary, adds Rizaov.