strict control

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Mindful, however, of her own errors and misfortunes, she early sought to impose a tender but strict control over the infant immortality that was committed to her charge.
But Newman hinted that from what had fallen from the confidante, he had been led to suspect that the young lady led a very miserable and unhappy life, under the strict control of her only parent, who was of a violent and brutal temper; a circumstance which he thought might in some degree account, both for her having sought the protection and friendship of the brothers, and her suffering herself to be prevailed upon to grant the promised interview.
Touching upon the priorities during the meeting, the Turkmen president spoke about strict control in combating crime and ensuring public security.
Pakistani DGMO was exhorted to exercise strict control on his troops and instruct them to refrain from any nefarious activities.
It isn't very hard to guess how Government manages to stay outside the Court and avoids justice, given their strict control put on the judiciary, adds Rizaov.
The case was identified as a result of the strict control measures we have in place," she said.
In the expletive-laden eight-minute video which was uploaded last Friday, Amos Yee celebrated Mr Lee's death and criticised his strict control of Singapore, calling him "a horrible person".
The Northern branch of the Country Land and Business Association said dogs need to be kept under strict control or on leads while on walks in the countryside.
Summary: Strict control measures have been taken by the public services and environment department, the public health section of the Fujairah Municipality, ahead of the holy month of Ramadan, by reiterating all the civic rules and regulations, the municipality announced on Sunday.
The strict control on all aspects of cost performance reflects the short-term challenges facing the uranium industry given the significant decrease in spot prices.
With housing and job shortages it's now imperative there is a strict control on the numbers of immigrants coming here, and that goes for both black and white people.
In a press statement released during a visit to Kuwait Patel said that the Gulf Cooperation Council's firms also have strict control over their financial transactions which make money laundering and financial crimes very difficult and easy to discover in this region.