strict disciplinarian

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Though a loose liver among his guests, the governor was a strict disciplinarian among his men; keeping them in perfect subjection, and having seven on guard night and day.
In childhood, I had always been accustomed to regard him with a feeling of reverential awe - but lately, even now, surmounted, for, though he had a fatherly kindness for the well-behaved, he was a strict disciplinarian, and had often sternly reproved our juvenile failings and peccadilloes; and moreover, in those days, whenever he called upon our parents, we had to stand up before him, and say our catechism, or repeat, 'How doth the little busy bee,' or some other hymn, or - worse than all - be questioned about his last text, and the heads of the discourse, which we never could remember.
Waldron was a strict disciplinarian with a gift of acid humor, as exemplified upon the gentleman with the red tie, which made it perilous to interrupt him.
Team captain Roselle Baliton said even head coach Francis Vicente has created a different atmosphere within the team, switching from a strict disciplinarian to an almost laid-back chap.
His indomitable qualities of vision, courage, integrity, inexorable truthfulness, pristine honesty and resolute dedication to his mission in life as a strict disciplinarian, were strident in the pursuit and legacy of Quaid-i-Azam.
The Dutchman had concerns over Rooney's drinking habits and in frank talks prior to him signing, Koeman - a strict disciplinarian - demanded there would be no more booze-fuelled antics.
In a frank discussion before Rooney put pen to paper, Koeman - a strict disciplinarian - demanded that there would be no more booze-fuelled antics.
And the Watford striker said Flores' successor Walter Mazzarri is a strict disciplinarian.
The Ulsterman admits while he is a grumpy sod he also insists he is not a particularly strict disciplinarian.
Mrs Sequeira earned a reputation for being a strict disciplinarian but over the years she came to be known among her legion of students as 'Sequeira ma'am'.
Ali Irsan, a strict disciplinarian and observant Muslim father, allegedly was outraged when Nesreen married a Christian without his permission.
An ex major general of the Nigerian army, he is known to be a strong anti-corruption activist and a strict disciplinarian who made civil servants late for work to do the frog jumps in public