strict disciplinarian

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In childhood, I had always been accustomed to regard him with a feeling of reverential awe - but lately, even now, surmounted, for, though he had a fatherly kindness for the well-behaved, he was a strict disciplinarian, and had often sternly reproved our juvenile failings and peccadilloes; and moreover, in those days, whenever he called upon our parents, we had to stand up before him, and say our catechism, or repeat, 'How doth the little busy bee,' or some other hymn, or - worse than all - be questioned about his last text, and the heads of the discourse, which we never could remember.
Waldron was a strict disciplinarian with a gift of acid humor, as exemplified upon the gentleman with the red tie, which made it perilous to interrupt him.
Ali Irsan, a strict disciplinarian and observant Muslim father, allegedly was outraged when Nesreen married a Christian without his permission.
Strict disciplinarian Hodgson has told the squad he expects them to be well-turned out for practice sessions and does not want them relying on their Rio hotel's laundry service.
The girl is a 19-year-old student of Kabarak University, which is known to be a strict disciplinarian Christian institution, reported the (http://www.
Hodgson also paid tribute to Ferguson and insisted that too much has been made of his qualities as a strict disciplinarian.
Mr Mitchell has a reputation as a strict disciplinarian.
He is known as a strict disciplinarian who has instilled a better driving sense among Delhiites by enforcing stringent rules on roads and booking violators.
Denise Archer-Jones, who was deputy head of Ysgol Glan Gele at Abergele, was regarded as a strict disciplinarian and shouted at the distressed child, the professional conduct committee of the General Teaching Council for Wales heard.
A strict disciplinarian, Gurtej's authority and rules are not to be questioned by anyone in the extended Patiala household.
If I catch them getting drunk once, if they don't tell me they are going to do it, they are going to find their Beverly Hills butts in the middle of a work camp in the desert" - Rocker Gene Simmons who remains a strict disciplinarian to his two children.
The trouble in Rooney's private life will not sit well with his national coach, a strict disciplinarian who prefers his players to make headlines on the back pages instead of the front.