strict interpretation

References in classic literature ?
Ray had, so it appeared, some very peculiar prejudices against the taking or making of any kind of picture whatsoever, owing to an exceedingly strict interpretation of the second commandment.
Having fairly well advanced his own affairs Angel listened in a willing silence, as they jogged on together through the shady lanes, to his father's account of his parish difficulties, and the coldness of brother clergymen whom he loved, because of his strict interpretations of the New Testament by the light of what they deemed a pernicious Calvinistic doctrine.
While true on a strict interpretation of the existing regs, even the FAA realizes that it's silly to allow a PIC under BasicMed, but not allow someone in the right seat to watch for traffic without an actual FAA medical certificate.
backed government and its African Union allies in a bid to topple the weak administration and impose its own strict interpretation of Islam.
The group's goal is to enforce a strict interpretation of Islamic law, known as sharia.
If such receivable is not shown by these employees in their income tax returns as of June 30, they will be considered untruthful, if we follow strict interpretation made by the Supreme Court in the Panama papers case.
Al Shabaab, which wants to impose its strict interpretation of Islam in Somalia, has carried out frequent past attacks in Mogadishu and elsewhere in its bid to topple the Western-backed government and drive out African Union peacekeeping troops.
Salafists, who have a strict interpretation of Islam, challenge the ruling Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza.
A strict interpretation suggests that China's tax burden is 29 percent and 10 percent less than global average.
Muslim shrines have often been targeted by militant groups, many of whom adhere to a strict interpretation of Islam that regards veneration of saints at shrines such as Shah Noorani as heresy.
But clearly some headteachers feel that strict interpretation of the rules over uniforms is a route to a better and calmer school.
4) The clashing decisions demonstrate the collision of strict interpretation and liberal construction and serve to illuminate the difficulty that dominates the issue.