strict interpretation

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Ray had, so it appeared, some very peculiar prejudices against the taking or making of any kind of picture whatsoever, owing to an exceedingly strict interpretation of the second commandment.
Having fairly well advanced his own affairs Angel listened in a willing silence, as they jogged on together through the shady lanes, to his father's account of his parish difficulties, and the coldness of brother clergymen whom he loved, because of his strict interpretations of the New Testament by the light of what they deemed a pernicious Calvinistic doctrine.
Al Shabaab, which wants to impose its strict interpretation of Islam on Somalia, killed a lawmaker, his bodyguard and an official from the prime minister's office on two attacks on Saturday.
That rival is now rated 86 and a strict interpretation of the form suggests the 81-rated Obsidian is well treated.
But the strict interpretation of Islam by the foreign fighters who fought in Bosnia during the 1992-1995 war has been adopted by some locals 20 years later.
In Saudi Arabia, under its strict interpretation of Islamic Sharia Law, crimes punishable by death include drug trafficking, rape, murder, apostasy and armed robbery.
The reality is that Daesh, who claim to adhere to a strict interpretation of Islam, have tortured and executed this man in a barbaric fashion.
The strict interpretation of secularism, shaped by the same military elite in the barracks, gave rise to many believers being isolated from the public sphere as a result of the military-imposed pressure on certain segments of society which preferred to live in line with Islam's tenets.
It rules over a population of several million people with its strict interpretation of Islamic law.
He further said that in a strict interpretation of the amended law, the Office of the Government Corporate Counsel (OGCC) Opinion 86, Series of 2011 even declared that the 20 percent discount accorded to senior citizens under the "Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010" is not applicable to passenger terminal fees.
Since joining Syria's conflict, IS has also seized most of Deir Ezzor, another province on the Iraqi border, spreading terror as it imposes its own strict interpretation of Islam with penalties such as beheadings.
Under the strict interpretation of the Act you potentially do have a claim if you have bought a food product that - without your knowledge - contains halal meat.