strict isolation

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dagger]) Initial 90-day period, when dog B was in strict isolation.
Using 4-handed dentistry, strict isolation techniques and participant calibration training while following evidence based protocols may have significantly improved retention rates for dental sealants as illustrated in this public health program If contamination occurs during procedures, it is important to recognize, re-isolate and retreat a surface for improved retention per manufacturers and standard clinical practice guidelines.
That person will be put under strict isolation measures.
He said the patient was "promptly isolated and placed in a strict isolation facility.
Every precaution is being taken to move the patients safely and securely, to provide critical care en route on a non-commercial aircraft, and to maintain strict isolation upon arrival in the United States," said the State Department Friday.
Although the patients were to be transported and cared for under strict isolation protocols, some have voiced concern about Ebola infection being brought to the United States for the first time intentionally.
Dr Jones said the hospital had to impose strict isolation rules to prevent it from spreading.
Consequently, Moody's ratings assume that both entities are managed in strict isolation of each other.
Starting on June 12, we put her under strict isolation and banned even her parents from entering her ward," Dr.
Health and safety precautions would be put in place, including strict isolation of suspected cases; adequate sterilising procedures and facilities provided and protective clothing, including masks and gloves, would be worn by those in contact with horses.
He is now being kept in strict isolation in a sealed unit that stops any possible contact with other inmates.
In 2006, the British Racing School graduate was confined to a sterile bubble and placed in strict isolation to help her fight the illness.