strict search

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Joe tried to comfort her with the assurance that directly he had housed her in the Maypole, he would return to the spot with a lantern (for it was now quite dark) and make strict search for the missing articles, which there was great probability of his finding, as it was not likely that anybody had passed that way since, and she was not conscious that they had been forcibly taken from her.
There is whispering and wondering all day, strict search of every corner, careful tracing of steps, and careful noting of the disposition of every article of furniture.
Many buyers come to us with strict search criteria but we actively encourage them to view a handful of properties just outside those guidelines on the day.
Briefing the media after meeting, the secretary interior informed that various options had been mulled in order to deal with situation arising out of 3-day volatile rioting, arson, looting and ever-continuous target killings, and it had been decided to conduct strict search operations in sensitive areas; even reverting to such extreme measures as curfews if required, with the consent and advice of CM, Sindh.
Heavy contingents of Sanghar, Mirpurkhas and Nawabshah Police were deployed at entry and exit points of main roads after the incident and a strict search was still continuing.
Extensive CCTV has to be installed and a strict search policy must be carried out to ensure drugs and weapons cannot be brought on to the premises.
We have a strict search policy and some nights we have even turned more than 100 people away on the door to make sure there are no problems.
He added: "We operated a strict search policy which appears to have paid dividends.
The company adheres to strict search criteria, selecting only seasoned, multi-unit operators, with the financial capability of opening and operating multiple units over a period of three or more years.
The Committee also advised Ministry of Foreign Affairs to talk with USA for stopping of strict search of Dr.
Implementing a strict search policy for drugs and weapons and excluding people who are too drunk eliminates potential problems before they get out of hand.