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School uniforms should be stricter to stop playground fashion competitions, a Tory AM said.
But Congress adopted the stricter rules partly out of concern that, because of lax laws and courts, many immigrant criminals, even violent ones, were not being deported.
security officials has sent a letter to President George Bush calling on the federal government to adopt a $1-billion, five-year program aimed at developing more fuel-efficient vehicles and establishing stricter regulations on automotive fuel economy.
The market is said to be reacting to the stricter regulations that aim to reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds.
With tuck, his death will read to even stricter testing.
Oregon employers must follow the stricter state standard and pay the higher minimum wage.
The recommended policy also would provide for a more rigorous audit program, coupled with stricter enforcement and significantly higher penalties for repeated noncompliance.
While making the standard stricter, lawmakers also backed a provision by beverage sellers allowing "tastings," or drink samples for customers in a liquor store.
Japan is considering stricter alert levels to be applied to security checks on passengers at airports during the next fiscal year beginning April 1 to prevent attacks at airports or on aircraft, government sources said Sunday.
Will stricter emissions rules permit copper to make a comeback in automotive radiators?
In November 2002 the European Commission proposed stricter limits for sulfur in marine fuels to reduce emissions from seagoing ships.
But the province is now ruled by a coalition of Islamist parties that have begun enforcing a version of sharia much stricter than that used in the rest of the country.