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Earlier, Comelec Commissioner Rowena Guanzon said she will be pushing for stricter rules before a party-list group is allowed to run for Congress in future polls.
Support for stricter gun laws typically rises in the immediate aftermath of a mass shooting, only to fall again as the incident fades from the public's memory.
"Considering recent events, gun control in this country needs to be stricter -- and it can be without infringing on anyone's rights."
Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh) [India], Feb 27 ( ANI ): The Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) held a torch rally here on Monday evening demanding a special category status to the state, along with stricter implementation of all points in the state reorganisation act of 2014.
Last year, the government introduced a 'Five Point food Strategy' intended to create a higher awareness, and stricter enforcement of food safety standards.
The CBC notified the EBA of its intention to tighten some elements in the calculation of the liquidity coverage ratio (LCR), in the form of an add-on, by setting stricter inflow and outflow rates than those defined in the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2015/61 on liquidity coverage requirement for credit Institutions.
Summary: Dubai Municipality calls for stricter penalties for people and companies behind the offence
MORE than 200 drivers a day were caught using their mobile phones illegally in the first four weeks after stricter laws came into force.
KARACHI -- Rights activist and former premier Benazir Bhutto's daughter Assefa Bhutto Zardari has called for implementing stricter rules to prevent students from cheating in exams.
Should Muscat Municipality impose stricter fines for littering and spitting?
The new law that should enter into effect next year will introduce stricter criteria for companies that pollute.
A protest procession is taking place in the Bulgarian town of Harmanli on Sunday, with the participants demanding stricter control in the refugee camp located in the town.