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All information passed on to the commissioner will be treated in the strictest confidence and with the utmost sensitivity."
Speaking to Caterer Middle East about halal, Tikku said: "Every municipality checks the halal standards, and as a global multinational you design for the strictest rules in the region."
A legal source said the law in the UAE invites the strictest of punishment when it comes to parental assault or child-neglect as parents are responsible for their kids.
Japan maintains some of the world's strictest quality control checks for imported dietary supplements which include preservative and pesticide testing.
But even the strictest of Strictly stars have to take some time off to enjoy a little dolce vita and Vincent and Flavia found a spare evening in Liverpool to do just that, popping in to San Carlo on Castle Street.
The strictest definition of remission allowed for the patient to have not a single swollen or tender joint in a 51 joint count exam.
ISLAMABAD, November 05, 2011 (Balochistan Times): The department of explosives and the third party testers should observe safety standards and conform to the strictest standards so that the possibility of any untoward incident may be ruled out for public safety.
Any conversations, at this stage, would be in the strictest confidence and for research purposes only.
In order to encourage religious organ donation, a special donor card will allow harvesting only according to the strictest letter of Jewish law.
NORWAY is to impose some of the world's strictest rules on gambling machines to try to reduce their effect on players.
The flat-pack, timber-frame homes are designed to be carbon zero and meet the Government's strictest energy efficiency code.