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Many will be unwilling to pay for the additional testing that would be required if the strictest interpretation was applied.
The GMD Universal Circumcision Clamp is the first example of our ability to develop a generic version of a widely used and trusted product that meets the strictest regulatory guidelines and then deliver it at about two-thirds the cost of brand name counterparts.
She credits Suwol with helping push the LAUSD to adopt one of the strictest pesticide control policies in the nation, one that was later adopted into state law in 2000.
The strictest states require samples from all convicted felons.
The certification process is extensive and demanding, and comes only with the strictest adherences to Microsoft's quality standards and guidelines.
To our knowledge, these are the strictest conditions ever imposed on a licensee to participate in racing,'' said Pete Pedersen, one of the three Santa Anita stewards who met with Valenzuela and the jockey's attorney, Neil Papiano, at the Arcadia track Wednesday morning.
And in case you're wondering, California has some of the country's strictest, most intrusive gun laws.
Products certified Triangle K[TM] meet all of the strictest standards pertaining to the laws of kosher food production and consumption.
People came forward and indicated they wanted the federal law followed in the strictest form.
This second certification is further proof that our modules are capable of meeting the strictest standards in the industry," said Roger Dewey, President and CEO of Telit Wireless Solutions, Inc.
Ventura County is a difficult place to commit a crime, (and) they'll face aggressive prosecution, some of the strictest in America,'' he said.
Individual policies can be applied to each archive enabling IT managers to meet the strictest of service level agreements for performance, cost and protection.