strictly defined

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The present book, as a brief sketch of English Literature rather strictly defined, has necessarily disregarded the scientists, economists, and philosophers whose writings did much to mold the course of thought during the Victorian period.
The works included in this lot are strictly defined in decree no.
It is performed at strictly defined intervals, measured by the number of flight hours, the number of landings, or the aircraft's operating time.
Inevitably, there are some overlaps --real life rarely follows strictly defined occupational borders but by and large, we believe we have got it right.
The spokesperson denied fines are used to generate income and said any surplusrevenue generated had to be spend on strictly defined schemes including public transport and highways improvement.
Although the term is widely used - even within the scientific community - it is not strictly defined, and is used to refer to stars in both the K- and M-type category (both of which include stars cooler than our sun).
Color change" has been more strictly defined to be only cyanosis or pallor.
In a feudal structure, the priority is more on individual power and strictly defined hierarchies and vested interests.
The European Commission has said the context in which the recent seizure of Turkey's Bank Asya took place raises a number of questions, stressing that such a bold step can only be taken under clearly and strictly defined conditions.
He insisted that rankings were invalid without point values being strictly defined and published in the article, for example, how many pages of state regulations makes a state 0 or -1.
The Prompt Payment Code, administered by The Institute of Credit Management (ICM) on behalf of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), seeks to spread good practice, with signatories committing to paying suppliers within strictly defined terms and having a clear process for dealing with any issues that may arise.
De Cabanes gave as an example the position of France, which focuses on receiving guarantees that an eventual enlargement to the Balkans will happen according to a strictly defined order, ensuring that each of the future members will be legally prepared and will have the potential for effective and equal membership.