strictly defined

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References in classic literature ?
The present book, as a brief sketch of English Literature rather strictly defined, has necessarily disregarded the scientists, economists, and philosophers whose writings did much to mold the course of thought during the Victorian period.
In addition, the WDR intends after completion of an order additional services by the contractor according to strictly defined expenditure hour daily rates incl.
The European Commission has said the context in which the recent seizure of Turkey's Bank Asya took place raises a number of questions, stressing that such a bold step can only be taken under clearly and strictly defined conditions.
Replikins are virus gene structures, peptides strictly defined by the length of the peptides, the number of lysine groups, the space between lysines, and the presence of histidine groups.
The Prompt Payment Code, administered by The Institute of Credit Management (ICM) on behalf of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), seeks to spread good practice, with signatories committing to paying suppliers within strictly defined terms and having a clear process for dealing with any issues that may arise.
De Cabanes gave as an example the position of France, which focuses on receiving guarantees that an eventual enlargement to the Balkans will happen according to a strictly defined order, ensuring that each of the future members will be legally prepared and will have the potential for effective and equal membership.
Companies should have a strictly defined level of experience and meet certain conditions.
Under German law, judges, prosecutors and the defence can agree to dismiss a case or settle it with a light punishment, although terms for such an agreement are strictly defined.
One parent was especially appreciative of the chance to explore and uproot strictly defined cultural gender norms.
This trend is not being wholly enabled, or strictly defined, by cloud computing.
But the region is not thought to be strictly defined by authority border areas.
While not strictly defined by local authority border areas the Cardiff City Region, as well as its population of just over 300,000, would cover the Vale of Glamorgan and the Valley authorities of south-east Wales, as well as Wales' third biggest city in Newport.