strictly honest

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Let us be sincere and Protestant, strictly moral, strictly just (though always with a leaning towards mercy), strictly honest, and strictly true, and we gain--it is a slight point, certainly, but still it is something tangible; we throw up a groundwork and foundation, so to speak, of goodness, on which we may afterwards erect some worthy superstructure.
Tulliver was a strictly honest man, and proud of being honest, but he considered that in law the ends of justice could only be achieved by employing a stronger knave to frustrate a weaker.
It is to be confessed, too, that the naive, off-hand information that he was to be thrown into jail by no means produced an agreeable impression on a poor fellow who had always prided himself on a strictly honest and upright course of life.
His name's Flambeau, and though his youth was a bit stormy, he's a strictly honest man now, and his brains are worth money.
Agents who routinely overvalue in order to gain the instruction are not being strictly honest with their clients at the very outset of the relationship - while when it comes to lower fees, it's worth remembering that you generally get what you pay for in life
It may be that Guterl's crusade for a strictly honest yet appreciative history of this stubbornly enigmatic figure mandates a treatment that is likewise passionate, personal, and even perhaps disorienting.
I chose the London School of Economics primarily because it allowed me to combine geography with economics and other social sciences and also, if I'm strictly honest, because it was one of the few places not to require Latin, at which I was totally hopeless.
In fact, to be strictly honest, apart from the loyal, royal displays in John Lewis and M&S, not a solitary sign of any red, white and blue anywhere.
But instead of hurling oneself against the firm wall of slurs and untruths Netanyahu erected in his Washington speech, let us read the parasha instead, and recall the spirit, sacred and fierce and urgent, that urges us to keep our accounting strict and strictly honest.
Now, while that sounds not strictly honest, I think Esther in criticising her so savagely is a case of the pot calling the kettle black.
They say today's closer working relationships make it easier for them to tell when staff aren't being strictly honest.
If you are being strictly honest about comparing GDP growth last year, you should take the average exchange rate for the year,' he said.