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Peptic stricture is a late complication of severe GERD.
Mitomycin C application was associated with stricture resolution in all patients.
A novel method to obtain biopsy samples from proximal biliary strictures.
1 mmol/L) were associated with increased risk for development of uretero-ileal stricture (odds ratio 4.
Keywords: Anterior urethral stricture, Bulbar urethral stricture, Penile skin flap.
According to the company, the 60 patients with strictures of the esophagus at the junction to the stomach due to cancer have been enrolled at seven sites.
Key Words: Sonourethrography (SUG), Retrograde urethrography (RUG), Urethral stricture, Spongiofibrosis.
Direct pharyngoscopy revealed three hypopharyngeal strictures (figure, A), each of which was incised, and then the pharyngoesophageal segment was dilated with a 50 Fr bougie along with a 54 Fr balloon.
Material and Methods: Total 120 patients aging 20-60 years with urethral stricture of up to 1.
A brain abscess that developed after esophageal dilatation performed because of stricture was presented in a patient aged 2 years by Hofmeyr et al.