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The shape-memory polymer is suitable for treating urethral strictures, according to researcher Gaston De Bernardis.
The urethral stricture rate was evaluated by a per protocol analysis based on the number of patients who completed the study.
On computed tomography, 3-cm long strictures were observed at the site of ileocolonic anastomosis (Figure 1), and severe stenosis was observed endoscopically in the ileocolonic anastomotic region (Figure 2).
The current study was aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of CISC after internal optical uretherotomy in the treatment of urethral strictures in terms of stricture recurrence.
From December 2014 to November 2016, five single benign biliary stricture patients at our institution were treated with the long-term balloon indwelling technique.
At baseline, in dilatation group, the mean stricture length was 23.30+-2.28cm while in combination group, it was 24.23+-3.06cm.
It is interesting to note that there is still great variation among urologist for more than half century old procedure1 to evaluate and follow patients postoperatively for restricturing.2-5 The recurrence of urethral stricture is also not clearly defined for post urethroplasty patients.
The researchers evaluated 497 stricture events in the 125 patients.
To compare the outcome of optical internal urethrotomy between OIU alone and OIU with steroid injection at the site of stricture by means of recurrence rate and time duration for recurrence and symptom improvement in stricture patients.
Ltd., Pyeongtaek, South Korea) for malignant disorders and benign complications (anastomosis stricture, anastomosis leak, and spontaneous fistula) affecting the upper gastrointestinal tract at the Department of Surgery, Sutcu Imam University Faculty of Medicine, Kahramanmaras and Department of Surgery, Gebze Fatih State Hospital, Izmit, Turkey.