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Lebanon's enemies are known and they stand behind what happened [Sunday] with the aim of rekindling strife among the sons of the one house and the one country," the statement said, in an apparent reference to the Assad regime which has been accused by March 14 parties of responsibility for a string of bombings in the past that targeted the coalition's lawmakers and politicians, including the 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.
She also incited sectarian strife when she belittled her uncle.
There's no escaping that In Time o' Strife will be seen through a post-referendum template when it returns to Dundee and Glasgow in the next fortnight.
This Is Your Strife aims to with learning difficulties Some of those taking part in This Is Your Strif?
Is the "Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13" Cloud Strife DLC enough of a reason for you to pre-order the game?
Each party to the country's political division has begun to claim that responsibility for preventing strife, which might be the objective of the bombing in the suburbs, lies with others.
STRIFE AND TIMES: Richard Dormer and Jodie Whitaker
Why do we hear from these governments that are releasing fire in the sectarian strife, the strife of hatred that strikes at the unity of Muslims?
Al-Houthi blamed Saudi Arabia for all calamities and backwardness of Yemen, saying, "We remind the Yemen nation that the Saudi regime's financial backup for civil wars and its moves for sparking sectarian strife in recent decades are the main reason for all calamities of this nation and these measures have deterred Yemen from progress and prosperity the same way that it (Saudi Arabia) is confronting the Yemeni nation's revolution in a bid to prevent them from achieving freedom and justice," the statement said.
Summary: DUBAI - The Dubai Police have arrested an activist and preacher for allegedly inciting social strife.
While Hariri and his allies in the Western-backed March 14 coalition have upheld the STL as the best means to reveal the truth behind his father's assassination, Hizbullah and its March 8 allies have publicly called for the abolition of the tribunal, dismissing it as "an American-Israeli tool" designed to stir up sectarian strife in Lebanon.