strike the first blow

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Ten minutes later we were speeding through the night toward Hastor, prepared to strike the first blow for the preservation of Dejah Thoris.
An entertaining contest saw the visitors strike the first blow, with an impressive drive seeing flanker Ronny Kynes go over after six minutes.
Who would be free must strike the first blow, Must strike the first blow.
Airbus gaffer Andy Preece will surely say that's it's too early to call this a title decider but he will know the importance of having home advantage in their first clash and to strike the first blow in their fight to stop the visitors from retaining the crown.
The Chelsea boss takes his team to Old Trafford tomorrow, seeking to strike the first blow in the Barclays Premier League title race.
Robin van Persie and Wayne Rooney are the obvious threats, with the Dutc hman 4-1 to score the opener, but it makes sense to opt for a wager on Rooney to strike the first blow at 9-2.
They called in local historian, Dr Paul Collins to witness history in the making - and strike the first blow - marking the start of the project.
Managing director for developers David Payne Homes, Paul Cranidge, was joined by local historian Dr Paul Collins to strike the first blow to the famous building, marking the start of the demolition project.
But on this day 25 years ago, he was piloting a Vulcan bomber across the South Atlantic, helping to strike the first blow to regain the Falkland Islands after the Argentinian invasion, and setting a world flight record in the process.
Sam Lucas (11) beat Mick Battye (19) 67-55 to strike the first blow for Golcar, and Jonathan Reaney (19) beat Matthew Bloxsome (owes 10) 69-53, leaving the third frame obsolete.
Pagondas, a Theban commander, spoke words that might have come from Donald Rumsfeld in this new century: "Furthermore, those who in confidence of their strength have a habit of attacking their neighbors, as the Athenians are doing now, are emboldened to march out against an adversary who is keeping quiet and will only defend itself inside its own land; but they are less ready to take him on when he is willing to fight outside his borders, and if opportunity arises, to strike the first blow.

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