strike together

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a thousand times; and my desires were so moved by it, that when I spoke the words my hands would clinch together, and my fingers would press the palms of my hands, so that if I had had any soft thing in my hand I should have crushed it involuntarily; and the teeth in my head would strike together, and set against one another so strong, that for some time I could not part them again.
Actress Rosie Marcel, 38, who has played Holby City surgeon Jac Naylor since 2005, revealed: "We'll all strike together and take a break.
Rosie Marcel, 38, who has played Holby City surgeon Jac Naylor since 2005, said: "We'll all strike together and take a break.
Along with Unite's Local Government workers, members in Unison and the GMB were on strike together with school support staff, teachers in the NUT, civil servants in PCS and firefighters in the FBU.
A separate group of protesters marched from St Paul's Cathedral to Trafalgar Square holding Strike Together To Win placards.
Teacher Paul McGarr said: "If the Government doesn't retreat after the summer term we won't just need to march together, we will need to strike together.
Crow said that all other action - including civil disobedience - should be taken against the cuts and that unions should strike together.
Two years ago I went on a hunger strike together with some farmers who were asking for some land reform.
All around Europe the unions strike together, and it's strange that we in Italy have the most unfair budget and two unions that support it," Epifani added, chastising a pair of Italian unions that had opted out of strikes in the country.
But with Strachan gearing the side up towards creating chances, it's reasonable to assume the duo may strike together again at Boro before the end of the year.
The detainees planned the hunger strike together with their Japanese supporters, he said.
There have been reports of dressing room disharmony within Ibrox but all Le Guen's players celebrated Hemdani's strike together while their supporters finally acclaimed their first Old Firm goal in nine hours.