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The union representing Northwest Airlines flight attendants Monday appealed a federal judge's ruling that stops the union from striking.
The company succeeded in this plan, hiring a total of 440 workers (including 40 previously striking employees who crossed the picket line).
Northwest has hired about 1,200 replacement workers to take over for the striking mechanics.
From this finding they again argue that the propensity to striking is best explained by the failures of managerial and supervisory staff, though this is speculative given the small number of local studies available.
Turning aside UMW President Mitchell's pleas to avoid striking, the locals one by one voted to participate in a regional walkout.
Northwest also said it may consider permanently hiring workers who are replacing the striking mechanics.
But their contract states they can only continue with their normal duties, not the work of striking employees, except in emergencies involving health and safety.
70) Thus, strikingly, Afro-Caribbean cultural identity proved to be both the cement that held a multi-class Jamaican community together around the striking workers and, in the end, the issue which divided the community, apparently along class lines.