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Since 38 days, striking detainees are wearing the brown uniform of the Israeli Prison Service, and they only have dirty blankets.
Strikes are most easily accounted for if the striking establishments are completely represented in the CES sample.
2000, 'Striking Fairfax Workers Locked Out', Daily Telegraph, 2 September, p.
The union representing Northwest Airlines flight attendants Monday appealed a federal judge's ruling that stops the union from striking. The airline, which operates under bankruptcy protection, has renegotiated contracts with labor groups to lower its costs.
Now in this world of striking platforms we can do a lot of this off of a single platform.
"It's annoying," Herold says, "because in France, we start striking, and then we go to negotiate.
The settlement stipulates that the healthcare system must reinstate striking workers, as well as employees who had been dismissed.
How ever, at higher rates of inflation, the situation only gets worse, especially for the striking worker.
The flight crew union at Japan Airlines (JAL) is also planning a strike for Thursday, but staff in managerial positions plan to replace the striking crew so that operations will not be affected, JAL officials said.
As they met, several hundred striking dock workers and teamsters kept up a rhythmic picket line, replete with music and congas, under a torrid sun.
During the 1989 Eastern Airlines strike, two striking pilots received strike benefits of about $20,000 each from the pilots' union, the Air Line Pilots Association International.
At the UMW, Geoghegan began to see the striking coal miners as a threat to the union and to his job.