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Northwest Airlines flight attendants yesterday filed an appeal of last week's ruling by US District Judge Victor Marrero that prevents them from striking or engaging in work actions.
and Margaret Thatcher in the panting British press, she represents something French politics hasn't seen in years: a public figure eager to take on the country's endlessly striking unions.
Ohrbach Asks New Writ To Bar All Picketing By Striking Employees.
For the striking worker, cost matters are equally bleak.
As they met, several hundred striking dock workers and teamsters kept up a rhythmic picket line, replete with music and congas, under a torrid sun.
During the 1989 Eastern Airlines strike, two striking pilots received strike benefits of about $20,000 each from the pilots' union, the Air Line Pilots Association International.
The striking workers are receiving $90 per week in strike pay.
In addition, most hospitals had streamlined their administrative staffs through mergers and cutbacks, leaving fewer management personnel to fill in for striking RNs.
PHI") (Nasdaq:PHII) (Nasdaq:PHIIK) announced today that on January 11, 2007, the United States District Court for the Western District of Louisiana conducted a hearing on a request by the Office and Professional Employees International Union ("OPEIU") for injunctive relief relating to PHI's handling of the return to work of striking pilots following OPEIU's purported "unconditional" offer to end its strike.
Despite previous threats to prolong the job action, EAA Executive Director Robert Aquino told about 150 striking workers at City Hall late Wednesday that they had made their point.
Boeing's striking machinists are worried globalization will threaten their jobs.
Thus, they argue, there is no inherent propensity to striking in the occupation of coal miner.