striking part

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Perhaps the most striking part of all this was, the number of people--never in groups of more than two or three together--who seemed to be skulking about the crowd for the same purpose.
Anxious not to appear unhappy, she soon recovered herself; and wiping away her tears, was able to notice and admire all the striking parts of his dress; listening with reviving spirits to his cheerful hopes of being on shore some part of every day before they sailed, and even of getting her to Spithead to see the sloop.
The striking part about Srikanth's game was his movement and picking almost everything with comfortable ease.
The striking part of the merger is that EPS has taken a backseat in the party, taking over as the co-convenor of the party, while declaring OPS as the convenor.
The most striking part of this project is how it highlights a taboo cultural and political Issue.
Their detailed works indicate that they are by no means just Sunday painters, and help explain why the visual element is such a striking part of their productions.
For me, the most striking part of Titanic Belfast was sitting idle outside, where it has remained largely untouched for well over a century.
These kinds of charts served many different purposes, but the blending of utility and artistry is perhaps the most striking part of the story.
The striking part about this feature is that Word Lens not only translates printed words from one language to another using any smartphone camera but it also doesn't require any network connection for it to work.
ere were two parts to winding it - the striking part of the clock needed to be wound twice a week while the clock movements would last for a fortnight.
The striking part about the Dubai Airshow is how well laid out it all is, though some visitors Khaleej Times spoke to complained about the limited number of eating joints and coffee outlets.
A part brick and timber framed porch leads through a striking part stained glass door into the dining hall with wood panelling, ?