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The methodology is based on the definition and use of stringency values (SV), as a novel quantification tool of the stringency of the most relevant technological requirements described by international manufacturing codes.
In addition, the researchers validated at high stringency another five biomarkers, which can be out-licensed.
CAPP argues that higher stringency will impact revenue and current technology is inadequate to reduce GHG emissions.
It is well documented that our elderly population is increasing and the potential demand for hospital treatment is possible to estimate but constantly the demand of financial stringency brought about by central control means that at the last minute sums of money have to be allocated to avert serious situations arising in a winter period.
Now, that is a matter of choice and different expectations, while men, especially in times of economic stringency, redundancy and unemployment, are asking where their place is now.
Building Envelope: Opaque elements and fenestration requirements have been revised to increase stringency while maintaining a reasonable level of cost effectiveness.
b) What is the link between stringency of environmental regulation and the size of the informal economy?
70s 1973 Council house building in the North East could be cut back severely because of a glut of modernisation work and Government financial stringency.
This project goes in absolutely the wrong direction, especially at a time of financial stringency.
Having completed the first two steps in creating a new environmental standard for aircraft, agreement to a metric system last summer and certification procedures at this CAEP meeting, CAEP can now turn to considering and assessing the stringency levels for the future standard.
In a particularly compelling essay, Kirsten Dyck contrasts official responses to hate rock in Germany and the US--two countries whose relationships to historical memory have dictated different levels of stringency regarding neo-Nazi activities--calling for changes in educational systems rather than dwelling on issues of freedom of speech.
The forest department is causing undue nuisance with their stringency on getting rid of unwanted trees.