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The alarming statistics of young people getting addicted to tobacco calls for stringent tax reforms in the country.
On the other hand, domestic manufacturers enjoy a less stringent strength requirement as their products only need to pass the 28-day strength requirement in 28 days.
To discourage the trend of child sexual abuse by acting as a deterrent Section-4, Section-5 and Section-6 are proposed to be amended to provide option of stringent punishment, including death penalty, for committing aggravated penetrative sexual assault crime on a child to protect the children from sexual abuse.
'It has also to put in place a stringent system with strong oversight to ensure minimal leakages on matters like government procurement.
Mr Masisi said stringent measures should be taken against reckless drivers who hit street-lights after indulging in alcohol.
I trust that stringent measures have been put in place to make sure that this situation does not continue to happen as the loss will inevitably unfairly fall on the ratepayers who do pay up.
The Hong Kong Monetary Authority has said that overzealous banks could harm business prospects when they apply disproportionately stringent due-diligence norms on customer accounts.
The European market is the emerging market due to stringent airport security policies laid down by the European Commission.
has called on the public to be mindful of banking security measures while assuring that stringent measures are in place to curb risks from the recent Commission on Election data leak.
Summary: Labor Minister Sejaan Azzi revealed Wednesday that the number of work permits issued to foreigners had dramatically decreased following stringent laws enacted by his ministry.
NNA - Stringent army security has been signaled inside and around Arsal, Beqaa based NNA field reporters said today.
A new polyamide 12 Vestamid grade from Evonik Industries fulfills the requirements of hazard level 3 (F1L3) of the standard EN 45545-2:2013 for railway vehicles, which has the most stringent requirements for fire protection.