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Moscow [Russia], December 30 ( ANI ): Russia on Friday amended its law in order to crack on terrorist activities in the country and to stringently punish those who finance terrorism or recruit terrorists.
Jamal bin Ghalaita, CEO, Emirates Islamic, said: "We continue to stringently manage our expenses, with operating cost down by 13 per cent compared to the same period last year.
Proponents of boxing assert that fights are stringently monitored and, in the case of amateur contests, participants must wear protective headgear.
Vice Premier Bujar Osmani and VMRODPMNE MP Ilija Dimovski stringently debated on show 200 on Alsat TV.
He has expressed the hope that, 'Like the way Chief Justice Mansoor Ali Shah has set a new example by voluntarily announcing his assets, he will be successful before Almighty Allah and also set a bright example in the world by stringently punishing the culprits involved in this incident according to the law.
STRINGENTLY QUALIFIED BUYERS "All our buyers are stringently qualified to ensure the agreed sales complete within a 56 day timescale.
Additionally, publishers will be screened stringently and only those that are 'algorithmically determined to be an authoritative source of information' will be included in the system.
One patient is dying every month per each hospital because medics across England and Wales are not stringently following after-care treatment recommendations, experts have estimated.
The so-called 'Buharinomics', were stringently implemented to revive the slumbering banking industry and curb local currency hoarding.
Everything is stringently controlled, obvious and predictable and has exactly the same content.
Everything's stringently controlled, obvious and predictable - labels control the charts and the public's lost interest.
In late October, Ministry of Transport (MoT) of China has ordered that all the ports in China are to stringently control the entry of Valemaxes until new State-level opinions are given.