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warns against the devastating toll of excessive sexual freedom which can bring the consequences of abortion, which the author stringently condemns, or children whose parents are unwilling or unable to properly care for them.
The final paper differentiates between the larger and smaller financial firms by indicating the guidelines would be applied more stringently to "Firms that Play Significant Roles in Critical Financial Markets.
It believes that ample time has been given since the court hearing on July 31 last year and the council will strongly resist the application as we believe we have followed the due legal process stringently.
Full-text research papers, stringently peer-reviewed, covering the most relevant industry topics--that's the new TAPPI JOURNAL.
But drivers organisation the RAC warned the figures may show the new law is not being stringently enforced.
Medical checks are still being carried out stringently, but the provincial authorities hope tourism will pick up soon, particularly to Quangninh's spectacular World Heritage Halong Bay where an estimated 48% of the 934,000 visitors last year came from China.
Fluoroquinolones, powerful drugs similar to the Cipro handed out during the anthrax scare in Washington, are far more stringently prescribed for animals than humans.
Promptly endorsed by the National Rifle Association and backed by candidate Bush during the 2000 presidential campaign, the concept is predicated on the perilous assumption that existing gun control laws should be stringently enforced to forego the need for new ones.
Toda aims to prevent a further deterioration in profitability by evaluating expected returns on projects more stringently and by cutting costs,'' she said.
The ministry is asking prefectures not to require compliance with their standards too stringently, so that farmers can cut product costs, ministry officials said.
This bans cigarette, cigar and pipe puffing in public places - including pubs and restaurants that don't have stringently controlled, isolated smoking areas.