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All that was necessary was to let the two strips of paper drop back into their places--to fasten the strip to the wall in Anne's room, by tightening the two lower strings--and then to replace the nails which held the loose strip on Geoffrey's side.
She lifted the loose strips of paper on either side of the wall--pointed through the hollowed place--and drew back again to the other end of the room.
Test Strip Market Insights and Overview By Application, End User, Regional Outlook, Size, Share, Business Opportunities Dynamics and Top Vendors, Forecast to 2023
[UKPRwire, Sat Aug 10 2019] Market Research Hub (MRH) has recently uploaded a new study titled Global Roll Clad Strip Market Insights, Forecast to 2025 to its broad online storehouse.
1 Referring to Diagram I, join 2 white small floral strips, 2 multicolor large floral strips, and 1 multicolor medium floral strip in order shown to make band A.
From the blue faux suede, cut one 1 5/8"x the fabric width strip for row 2, one 3 1/2"x the fabric width strip for row 3 and one 1 1/4"x the fabric width strip for row 4.
2 Layer the strip and patches right sides together, aligning folds.
Sew 2 blue 1 1/2" strips and a dark orange 1" strip together to make a band B.
A STUNNING but simple patchwork throw, made up of large strips of fabric, features in The Great British Sewing Bee book.
This study shows the need for testing entities to strongly enforce the individual manufacturer's recommendation to keep the strip containers capped when strips are not being removed for analysis.
The rotary printing factories prefer to strip their screens due to the high cost of the new rotary nickel screens.
Mansour has arranged the sale of 11 shopping strip centers throughout the United States in the past year valued at nearly $44 million.