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Previously, Surf field mastitis test (SFMT), California mastitis test (CMT), Whiteside test (WST), Strip Cup test, pH test and Somatic cell counts (SCC) have been used to diagnose the subclinical mastitis (Said and Abd- el-Malik, 1968; Anwar and Chaudhry, 1983; Muhammad et al., 2010).
Brush loose dirt and hair from the doe's side and belly, wash the udder and dry it with a clean paper towel, discard the first stream of milk from each teat (preferably into a strip cup - a tin cup with a dark-colored screen top, which will make it easy to spot any abnormalities in the milk), and milk with dry hands into a semi-covered pail that helps keep dirt, dust and hair out of the milk.
To find out the involvement of other affected quarter or to assess the extent of damage, strip cup test, white side test, california mastitis test, mastitis detection strip test and electrical conductivity test were performed as per the standard procedures described by Singh et al.