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Quite a few people couldn't wait to tear a strip off me.
Dempsey and Makepeace star Glynis Barber will strip off on a Newcastle stage later this year.
But when Baldwin remains impassive she makes a call to the local paper telling them she is about to strip off.
After considering how bats eat large, airborne beetles, Juste suspects that the greater noctules strip off a bird's wings.
The beads strip off dirt without creating dust - one of the greatest drawbacks of traditional cleaning techniques.
These solvent-based cleaners strip off not only dirt, but also the protective films and anti-glare coatings that manufacturers add to today's lenses and screens.
Niall, 19, wants his bandmates to strip off in the studio to ensure they truly do produce the Best Song Ever.
A FOOTBALL team are to strip off on TV to raise awareness of the cancer suffered by their captain.
As well as the pair's bath-time frolics, there's also a full-blown Roman orgy, and a scene showing gladiators being treated to a shocking sex fest when saucy slave girls strip off for nookie.
I can't remember if they started calling for me to do it or not, but I had said to the players before the game that if we won I'd strip off and give all my clothes to the fans.