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The Strip Off is limited to six contestants, so sign up now.
Though Paul Fishbein, president of Chatsworth-based AVN and creator of the 24-year-old awards, invited celebrities like Gene Simmons and sold tickets to the general public for the first time this year, he doesn't want to fully strip off the veneer of mystery of the porn business.
RECORD boss Pete Waterman has told how frisky Midland fans keep trying to strip off when they meet him.
Guests will be able to strip off on arrival, but must cover up again by Sunday morning when others arrive.
They strip off the protective finish, which leads to corrosion.
Hinzman has one regret: "I did not strip off my uniform right then and refuse to cooperate any longer.
One day as Benny is high up refurbishing a tower, he sees a girl strip off her clothes, walk into the river, and drown herself.
Friends and colleagues of family support worker Ian Williamson were lining up to tear a strip off their hairy pal.
The Syro-Hexapla, and Septuagint, diverge in even more notable ways, translating it as "they will cut, trim" and "they will strip off," respectively.
But when Baldwin remains impassive she makes a call to the local paper telling them she is about to strip off.
Rice millers strip off the hull and remove a layer of bran to turn brown rice into white.