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Desothane HD/CA 9008 basecoat-clearcoat topcoat system used with or without Desoprime CF/CA 7049 primer as well as the selectively strippable basecoat-clearcoat system are qualified to AIMS 04-04-025, AIMS 04-04-033 and AIMS 04-04-037.
Boy is that different from a lot of lesser sights with their tiny, strippable screws.
Due to the adhesion required of coating materials, strippable techniques--without chemical aids--are usually very limited.
An alternative is to cover the entire valve with a strippable film such as Ashland's Tectyl 506 or coal tar epoxy.
Improved tools and materials, such as strippable film for making open-window negatives, became available commercially.
This strippable wallcovering can be painted as soon as it is hung.
Making them strippable would truly enhance the overall liquidity of the market because it would create a fresh supply of coupon STRIPS, which in turn would actually facilitate the reconstitution process.
Because Tara is water-based, the manufacturer says, it is easily strippable, giving OEMs another advantage and "environmentally friendly" option to recycle shielded plastic parts.
Wallpapers and borders are pre-pasted, washable and strippable.
As a result, there is a relatively fight pricing relationship between a strippable Treasury security and its stripped components.
Treasury has issued its TIPS in strippable form, it is logical to expect a number of structured derivative products to appear.
strippable coal deposits in the west - had their asset values increased.