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Finally, if it turns out your wallpaper isn't strippable, try soaking it in warm water with a small amount of cellulose paste and liquid detergent to make the job faster.
For the selectively strippable system, chrome-free DESOPRIME HS 7049 primer by PPG was applied over the existing base primer and F565 intermediate coating added over it, and then the aircraft was painted with Desothane color basecoat and clearcoat.
In the selectively strippable coatings system with PPG basecoat-clearcoat, F565 intermediate coating is applied over the primer, and the basecoat-clearcoat and intermediate coating are easily removed during repainting, leaving the primer intact.
Edwards said the system enables the application of fixatives, strippable coatings, reagents and similar materials "to areas where there is no manned access.
The index, calculated on both a capital and total return basis, includes KES denominated bullet bonds, zero coupon bonds and strippable bonds with a minimum notional of KES 5 Billion.
Others continue to use the strippable model, but do so on a much reduced schedule, according to Arceneaux.
Conventional strippable (or peelable) spray booth coatings, first tested for this application, were found to be unsuitable but extensive laboratory and trial work by Indestructible's technicians produced a successful alternative.
Launched in May, the line contains a patented polymer that offers durability and crosslinking, but remains strippable to reduce down time.
The company plans to sell 15-year bonds strippable annually from the fourth year.
4 types: permanent bond, strippable bond, skip bond, and electric hot bond.
Strippable bond lets the user peel back a section of bonded tubing without the use of tools for convenient fitting attachments.
In our decontamination family of systems acquisition strategy, we are looking at capabilities to reduce the need for decontamination, like self-decontaminating or strippable coatings for vehicles; we are developing technologies to focus decontamination on the specific areas of a vehicle that are contaminated, like chemical agent disclosure sprays; and we are developing a family of decontaminating agents that will be more effective and quicker acting across the entire chemical and biological threat spectrum.