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Otherwise, we shall have but a nation of smirking persons, polite, dapper, genteel and correct, following the established forms, their shrunken frames concealed in costumes, because, if they were stript, their meagerness and deformity would disgust the world.
And at the midmost charging, Prince Geraint Drave the long spear a cubit thro' his breast And out beyond; and then against his brace Of comrades, each of whom had broken on him A lance that splinter'd like an icicle, Swung from his brand a windy buffet out Once, twice, to right, to left, and stunn'd the twain Or slew them, and dismounting like a man That skins the wild beast after slaying him, Stript from the three dead wolves of woman born The three gay suits of armour which they wore, And let the bodies lie, but bound the suits Of armour on their horses, each on each, And tied the bridle-reins of all the three Together, and said to her, 'Drive them on Before you;' and she drove them thro' the waste.
Like the covering of an old book, its contents torn out and stript of its lettering and gilding, lies here, food for worms.
Ifyou were challenged by an equal, and failed to respond, you'd be called out--broadsides posted in the town square, full page ads or editorials in the local paper--and you'd be stript of any and all public standing.
Thank 'Sex and the City' for the obsession with a hairless nether region, and California's Stript Wax Bar for bringing us the Vajacial - an answer to the ingrown hairs and red bumps that some women experience after a bikini wax.
from 26 July 1603 to 20 March 1604, including] the third of Januarie 1603 for Tiffanie stript [i.
she would often ask the Indians to let her go home; they not being willing to that, and yet vexed with her importunity, gathered a great company together about her and stript her naked, and set her in the midst of them and when they had sung and danced about her,.