strive for

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DE) has said that it has entered into a partnership with Strive for College (Strive), a not-for-profit organisation working towards improving access to higher education in the United States.
Department of Labor-funded program called STRIVE for the Future, Second Chance will initiate a three phase training course to give these youth a fresh start.
Taking a Chasidic approach that emphasizes the mystical-spiritual aspects of the goals an individual should strive for, Overcoming Folly guides the reader in means to overcome stumbling blocks to enlightenment.
And with new research leading to technology breakthroughs, it's an appropriate time to strive for buildings that incorporate regenerative design as well.
I strive for a high level of student engagement in classroom guidance lessons with the use of PowerPoint presentations and the Internet.
This book argues that there are a number of ways in which white bonding is communicated and elevated, challenging the notion that people of color are obsessed with race while whites strive for a "colorblind" society.
Strive for something beyond basic service: strive for delightful service
Nevertheless, they must constantly strive for perfection and be held accountable to the appropriate extent when they miss the mark.