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Controlling for demographics, Striver turned out to be the strongest predictor ([beta]= .42, p < .001).
On Striver's Row centers around the coming-out party for the reluctant debutante Cobina Van Striven, who lives with her parents Oscar and Dolly in the exclusive "Striver's Row" section of Harlem (West 138th-139th Streets) (see Fig.
ETS officials say the "strivers model" is not a substitute for affirmative action, but it could help lessen sharp declines in minority enrollment some colleges may experience if affirmative action is banned by court rulings.
It is called "Strivers." Comparing it to race-based affirmative action, Amy Dockser Marcus, reporting on the program recently in The Wall Street Journal, noted that Strivers "is designed to give colleges a tool for bringing social equity into the admissions process."
Through tantalizing glimpses, we get a taste for the personal and community lives of Wills' strivers, but never quite the full course.
DAVID REED Zero Hours UP in the morning feeling vexed Several days since they sent me a text Minimum wage, zero hours Wife's birthday today No present no flowers Son going off to school with a pet lip Can't go with his pals on the school trip Last time I walked three mile there in the pouring rain Didn't need me after all, walked back again Am I striver or just a survivor All I know is, I'm down to a fiver.
Boyle's surviving diaries, spanning the years 1876 through 1890, provide a rare opportunity to explore the everyday experiences of one ordinary male striver who, along with the "mighty majority," adjusted to, rather than challenged, his descent into respectable mediocrity.
The insidious logic behind the SAT's "striver" measure
And while North may be receding from the political scene after his defeat this November by Chuck Robb in the Virginia Senate race, one of the lessons of McFarlane's book, which covers his 20-year career in the national security bureaucracies and in the White House, is what McFarlane says about North, another striver in uniform working his way up the Washington ladder.
Is a person working and in receipt of Tax Credits a striver or a skiver?
The Almat Group, run by Nigerian design and development duo, Donald Matheson and Uche Alozie, announced that they have completed a new development project in Harlem at One Striver's Row.
IT is astonishing to note that some viewers are taken in by contrived programmes on TV, typified a few months ago by the BBC's Nick and Margaret: We Pay Your Benefits (which was designed to achieve nothing other than perpetuate the striver versus shirker myth).