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Marcus likened the idea behind Strivers to a golf handicap.
Perhaps this is where the richer story hides, in the tales of less-than-plucky strivers who contented themselves with moderate success, modest means, and life as an everyman.
As a result, his diaries construct a narrative centered on the odyssey of a 20-year-old entrepreneurial striver who matured into a 34-year-old man who accepted his lot in life as a corporate employee and consumer willing to forego the affluence some of his superiors had achieved.
Although the strivers initiative is dead - the head of the College Board, the group that writes and scores the SAT for the Educational Testing Service, has said he will veto any such plan - it's worth reflecting on both the motives behind it and the arguments made in its support.
HOW sharp is this social divide between the so-called strivers and skivers?
But then they do not know the difference between skivers and strivers.
Supporting The Striver was the reasoning behind the one per cent cap on benefit increases announced in the Autumn Statement.
It targets the very strivers the Chancellor falsely claims to champion.
DAVID Cameron's claim to be on the side of strivers is further undermined by these shocking new figures today.
And to add to the misery of all those hard-working strivers, they still stand to lose their working tax credits.
Compare that to the ordinary strivers who, after paying their bills and just about managing to eat, live from hand to mouth while they wait for the next pay day.
The team, named Strivers, organised a bake sale at Dewsbury Market and raised PS300 to carry out the project.