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How can two particles of the yeast wrong each other by striving to devour each other?
The slender expressive fingers, forever active, for- ever striving to conceal themselves in his pockets or behind his back, came forth and became the piston rods of his machinery of expression.
He had been ill for a year after the experience in Pennsylva- nia, and after his recovery worked as a day laborer in the fields, going timidly about and striving to con- ceal his hands.
The Challenge also hopes to spark a huge conversation about opportunities for young people, and the importance of setting goals - and striving to make a difference.
High-level striving was associated with more psychological distress than low-level striving, which consisted of goals that were typically more concrete and specific.
Department of Education is seeking to improve the literacy skills of struggling adolescent readers through a new grant program called Striving Readers.
Enthusiastically recommended for serious students and scholars, as well as for deeply faithful individuals committed to the Chasidic principles of striving for self-improvement.
Born Losers is a must read for anyone interested in American identity formation, the expansion of capitalism as political-economy and article of faith, the construction of economic striving as a moral imperative, and the psychological and social costs of a national ideology centered on self-reliance and economic ambition as the hallmarks of a successful life.
We're striving to make it so individual Services can work together and build on each other's strengths while minimizing any gaps (in capabilities) that exist," he said.
It would be one thing to have a problem with a group or movement proclaiming false doctrine and leading people astray, but to take issue with groups striving to live their Catholic faith in a deeper way is counterproductive for the church and the world.