striving for superiority

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The second form of striving for superiority involves pervasive feelings of inferiority and failure that so motivate people to compensate for their perceived deficits that the goal of superiority becomes concretized in the form of mastering or dominating.
There, Williams maintains that Nietzsche holds will to power to simply be an empirical fact of striving for superiority, a fact that better explains organic nature than does Darwinian and mechanistic self-preservation.
Along with this orientation toward a final goal, I view Adler's notions regarding inferiority feelings, striving for superiority, and social interest as sharing similarities with religious and spiritual themes that are found in Buddhism and Christianity.
By definition, "compete" means to vie with one another, and vie entails challenging, contending, and striving for superiority.
This reaction may be a maladaptive striving for superiority.