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Stroke volume of endurance trained older women does not continue to rise until maximal exercise, as is the case in young endurance trained adults.
The heart rate and stroke volume are influenced by various factors.
41) Using this technology, machine-learning algorithms can be developed that learn to recognize patterns of responses in low-level physiological signals that are associated with changes in parameters that reflect volume status (eg, stroke volume or pulse pressure).
The stroke volume ratio of the expansion/subcompression ([sigma][v.
However, in PAH patients, the exercise ability is mainly compromised by a failure in lung gas exchange and by an inadequate stroke volume increase during exercise due both to a deficient exercise-induced vasodilatation of existing lung vessels and a lacking recruitment of new ones, both to the consequent right ventricle failure.
Inspiratory resistance induced by breathing through an impedance threshold device (ITD) reduces intrathoracic pressure and increases stroke volume (SV) in supine normovolemic humans.
In the 360 patients with a baseline EF greater than 35%, EECP was associated with an increase from a mean baseline of 48% to 56% post therapy, while stroke volume rose from 78 mL to 86 mL.
Newer dynamic means, such as systolic pressure variation, stroke volume variation, pulse pressure variation and pulse velocity variation, seem to hold much in store for clinical practice.
In Peckerman's study, heart stroke volume and cardiac output were significantly lower in 18 of 38 CFS patients.
The pacing rate (PR) of implanted pacemakers must be adaptive to the patient's physical workload to ensure the required cardiac output (CO), which is the product of stroke volume (SV) and heart rate (HR).
The effect is more marked when nicotine and ethanol were administered in combination, presumably lowering blood pressure through reduction in stroke volume via loss of [Na.